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Our Most Popular Meat

NEW! Jalapeño Cheddar Croghan Bologna

This is a modern take on our traditional ring bologna. Still using all of our artisan techniques such as, smoking over natural Adirondack hardwood fires and using only the finest ingredients, we've added specialty cheddar cheese and mouthwatering jalapeños in each bite for an exciting product for those with spicy and adventurous tastes. Add this bologna to a cracker, sandwich or platter for more zing. Don't forget to have a cold drink in hand because while this bologna has a cheesy wonderful start it finishes by bringing the heat!

Croghan Bologna

The fine quality flavor and unique ring-like shape make Croghan Bologna a North Country tradition that began in 1888 when Fred Hunziker, a Swiss immigrant, brought this smoked beef recipe with him to northern New York. Today, we handle your bologna with the same crafty artisan touch just like they did back in Switzerland during the early 1800’s. The all-natural casing that encompasses the bologna is usually peeled off before slicing the meat and serving on a buttery cracker with sharp cheddar cheese. Weighing in by the pound and coming in a variety of sizes, don’t be afraid to try this meat out on your submarine or in your sandwich!

Croghan Smoked Sausage

Containing no additives or preservatives, these fully cooked and naturally smoked links have also been a family favorite since 1888. Using the finest cuts of pork and an original blend of spices, this sausage carries a unique Adirondack hardwood flavor that pairs perfectly with local maple syrup. But don’t let this fine prepared meat fool you it’s not just for coupling with pancakes- this little link holds its own on a hot grill and between buns!